The film explores the distinct -- yet intertwined - stories of seemingly ordinary people over a two-week period in Toronto. A young man, Gnanam, who attributes all his failures to his dark past and tries to confront it once and for all; a passionate detective, John, who questions his integrity and passion after making a fateful call; a depressed gay teenager, Aathi, who blames his father and his ideology for the suicidal death of his lover; a compassionate widower, Sornam, who is too preoccupied with the war back in Sri Lanka to protect his daughter from harm's way; a grieving man, Ariyam, who questions his immigrant life in Canada after the tragic death of his only son; and a brave young war victim, Aby, who arrives at a Canadian airport with the hope of a fresh start only to find that she's been abandoned by her fiancé. The film tries to delve deeper into the harsh realities faced by different generations of immigrants as they try to build a life in the adopted land yet unable to let go of their pasts.


Directed by Lenin M. Sivam
Produced by Vishnu Muralee
Written by Lenin M. Sivam
Starring Jon Berrie
Thenuka K
Baskar M
Mathivasan S
Kandasamy G
David B George
Arthur Simeon
Music by Pravin Mani
Cinematography Suresh Rohin
Edited by Pras Lingam & Lenin M. Sivam
Eyecatch Multimedia Inc
Running time
104 minutes
Country Canada
Language Tamil

(2014) A Gun and a RING


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